The testimonials below are from actual patients. Don't take our word about our exceptional customer service. We have a reputation that speaks for itself! As you can see, our patients report rave reviews about our dental services. If you are a patient of ours and wish to submit your own review, please click here.

Amy F.

My best dental experience ever! I was very nervous at first, but the staff was so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Moss explained to me, using pictures, the treatment I needed, and Amanda explained everything to me again.

The office is very modern, and clean. I would recommend Smile Forever Dentistry to all my friends!

Linda J.

I broke my front tooth last year and was so embarrassed to smile until I met Dr. Torres and Dr. Moss at Smile Forever Dentistry.

Dr. Torres calmed me down and explained how dental implants work. It is now a year later, and I have been enjoying my new dental implant and crown. The day of the implant surgery was very smooth and painless. Once the implant was placed, Dr. Moss placed a crown that is so natural, no one even notices! I am so grateful to the whole staff at Smile Forever Dentistry, and I am proud to say I have found my new dental home!

Rachel S.

I have always been very nervous about seeing a dentist, so it has been a while since I have had any dental work done. I waited until I was in pain, which made the visit even harder for me. I am so happy I chose Smile Forever Dentistry. The staff was very welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable. Everyone was very professional. Dr. Moss explained everything to me, taking all the time necessary for me to understand. The assistant helped relax me and talked me through the entire procedure. I had a root canal, but the entire procedure was painless!!!

Thank you so much, Dr. Moss, and the whole staff of Smile Forever Dentistry! I am a patient for life, and I will recommend all my family and friends!


I had a wonderful experience at Smile Forever Dentistry! The staff was extremely courteous and helpful. Dr. Moss made sure I felt comfortable and understood all the steps of the treatment I needed. I will definitely recommend all my friends and family!

Dan L.

I am 16 and have wanted straight teeth for a long time. I just do not want UGLY braces. Dr. Moss explained Invisalign to me 6 weeks ago, and last week, I got it! Invisalign is GREAT.

Patient Testimonial

"Dr. Moss is fighting tooth decay!"

Dental Implant - Patient Testimonial

"I just received a dental implant, and it felt really, really good… Thanks, Dr. Moss, for making me feel comfortable."

Happy Patient Testimonial

"It was a wonderful experience here. Everything went like clockwork. My teeth feel fine! I am a happy customer!"

Smile Makeover - Patient Testimonial

"I'm very happy with my teeth. Everything was done fast. I'm very happy with Dr. Moss, a very caring, loving doctor. I recommend highly!"

Invisalign - Patient Testimonial

"I had a wonderful experience at Smile Forever Dentistry. I came in for Invisalign, and it was the best thing I did. Great staff, very successful treatment."

Laser Dentistry - Patient Testimonial

"Dr. Moss' laser was GREAT!! I didn't feel a thing. The laser was extremely painless. I didn't even know I was having work done. I am a customer for life now."

Sedation Dentistry - Patient Testimonial

"I chose to do sedation. It was very well done. It felt like I was in the office for 5 minutes rather than 5 hours. My smile looks beautiful!"

Dental Implants - Patient Testimonial

"Thank you, Smile Forever Dentistry! I love my new implants. I feel great, and I look great! Awesome experience!"

Catherine Barnes

Hi, my name is Catherine Barnes, and I'm from Gwyneth, Maryland. I'd like to talk about Dr. Cheryl Moss and her team out there. When I first went there, my teeth were in horrible condition, but she told me she could save my teeth. And she did. She gave me a beautiful smile, and I now have partials in, but you would never know the difference. I'm so glad in my smile. Thanks, Dr. Cheryl; I really appreciate it!

Nimbura Kimau

Hi, my name is Nimbura Kimau, and I live in both Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. I just want to thank Dr. Moss and her staff for an incredible experience I had two days ago. They were just amazing. I had a broken tooth, and they tried to do everything, including helping me with financing, spent so much time and patience, and eventually, they gave me back my smile by fixing my broken front tooth. I was so overwhelmed, I just had tears in my eyes, and they could not have been more professional, more kind, and I will go to them every chance I get. I would refer anyone to go to them. Great location, nice office space, wonderful staff, including the dentist herself. Just thank you so much for everything, and you will be seeing me again because I need a lot of work done on my teeth!

Kathleen Woodland

Hello, my name is Kathleen Woodland. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. Today was my first time going to Smile Forever Dentistry. Had a wonderful experience with the cleaning, meeting the doctor for consultation, and the staff are very warm and friendly. The cleaning was exceptional, the best I've ever had, and I really do look forward to having more dental work done there. I have referred a friend there and will be doing that as I continue to have work done through Smile Forever Dentistry.

Steve Maged

Hi, my name is Steve Maged, and I'm from Maryland. I want to say that Shifra Singerman, the dental hygienist who worked on my teeth this morning, was excellent. I really appreciated her advice. She was professional and courteous. She listened, and I think she knows what she's doing. I liked her, and I wanted to let people know I will continue with Smile Forever Dentistry. I also want to tell Dr. Moss how nice she is, and they're always courteous and polite to me. I was very impressed with her today. Thanks!

Nancy Dorsey

Hi, my name is Nancy Dorsey, and I live in Ocean City, Maryland. I was at the Smile Forever Dentistry office yesterday, and I just wanted to express my appreciation for what everyone did. I was there for a long time since I had to travel. Dr. Moss really tried to work as much as she could into one day, and everyone was so accommodating. I got a lot done. I had temporary crowns put on, whitening, an exam, and Debbie did the whitening, which was a great job. Tracy and Terry, they were great. I felt comfortable, and I wanted to say, "Thank you" for everything I had in one day. It couldn't have been better. I will be back in the office next week!

Anthony Williams

My name is Anthony Williams, and I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I had a visit with Smile Forever Dentistry with Dr. Moss. Let me start off by saying I had neglected my teeth for years, and I was in a lot of pain. I was apprehensive because of my fear of the dentist, and she was wonderful. I truly, truly am very appreciative for the service that I got from her, and she made me feel at ease. We talked about my fear, and she was really gentle. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I went back today and had my root canal done, and it didn't hurt. I'm not finished, but I'm not as afraid as I was before. I know I have to get these things done; I have been to dentists before, and she is by far the best dentist that I have ever seen. Her people skills are just unbelievable; she just makes you feel at ease, and those massage chairs are great, too! But she is wonderful; the hygienist and everybody, her assistants and everybody, were very calming, and they made me feel relaxed, which took away the tension and made it a more pleasant experience. I actually am looking forward to going back to get the other part of my root canal. I am truly pleased with Dr. Moss, and now that I found this dentist, I will not be shopping around for another dentist. Thank you!

Amber Simmons

Hi, my name is Amber Simmons. I currently reside in Owens Mills, Maryland, and I recently started going to Smile Forever Dentistry about three weeks ago. Everybody was very welcoming, very friendly and just very compassionate people. When I saw my dentist, Dr. Cheryl Moss, she was very kind, very gentle; I had just had my tooth drilled that day, and she did the consultation, told me exactly what I needed, and scheduled me immediately to come in. They talk you through the process so you know what's going on. I'm very anxious with dentists, so I usually do not do well, but here I actually feel very comfortable. I came in today because I was feeling a little bit of pressure in my tooth right after a root canal, and Dr. Moss took her time between patients to actually come and take a look at my tooth and fix the bite so that it wouldn't hurt any more. I just want to say that this place is absolutely wonderful! I will refer all my co-workers and all the people that I know that have the same dental insurance I do here because they do nothing but wonderful things with me, and I really, really appreciate it.

Erin Richardson

I'm Erin Richardson from Baltimore, Maryland. My experience was very pleasant; everybody was kind and cordial when I came in. The doctors and hygienists were very pleasant and even made me laugh, which is interesting because usually the dentist is something people dread. It made what would be somewhat of an unpleasant experience very pleasant, so I'm appreciative of those that work there. I would recommend it to other people. Thank you!

Steven Maged

Hi, my name is Steven Maged, and I live in Lutherville, Maryland. I want to talk about the doctors and staff of Smile Forever Dentistry in Pikesville, Maryland. I want to mention Catherine, I want to mention Dr. Moss, and I want to mention the staff and everybody there. They treated me extremely fairly today. I had an appointment in the morning, had a little bit more trouble, and they let me come back in the afternoon. Everybody was so cordial and understanding; I wanted to say how impressed I was with their excellent customer service. I also want to mention Dr. Axeman who I've been going to for years. They're always excellent. One thing I can say about this practice is I feel very comfortable being there. This is the first time I had come to the new practice after Dr. Robert and Richard had moved upstairs to join with Dr. Cohen, who is an old friend of mine from high school and also an excellent dentist. Thank you to Dr. Moss and all her staff.


Hi, my name is Mary, and I'm from Baltimore. I just went to Smile Forever Dentistry, and I had a great time! Everybody was very friendly and very helpful. Thank you!


Hi, Smile Forever Dentistry was just wonderful. The doctor was perfect; I enjoyed coming for my visit. Thank you!

Ron & Linda Lazarus

Linda and myself (Ron) Lazarus were just there this morning for (what we feel) was an emergency for Linda. From the first telephone call to each and every staff member, the service and treatment were impeccable. I was born and raised in Baltimore and had regular cleanings, etc., to the 22 years I lived in Miami. You guys are the friendliest, genuine, easygoing TEAM of people that I've seen at a dentist's office. I truly believe that, for our first visit, you were extremely accommodating, with a lab person and periodontist ON PREMISES! That was terrific. Kudos for the fine way that we felt the entire time that we were in your care. Linda was put at ease, and I observed the manner in which your operation functions. It's truly something to be proud of! I personally have some fillings to get repaired, bonding work and would like cleanings on a regular basis. I'll call for appointments. More importantly, the fees for which Linda was charged were exactly in the range that Ilene quoted (which is unheard of these days). We look forward to a terrific relationship with all of you.

Lesley Parker-Rollins

Dear Smile Forever Dentistry,
I would like to leave a testimonial. Please know that I can't say enough great things about dental hygienist, Shifra! Her friendliness, great communication skills and professionalism are not easy to find! Her demeanor with both adults and children is exceptional. You are lucky to have her!
Thank you!

- Lesley Parker-Rollins
(Mother of patients Will and Maya Parker-Rollins)